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We build our people before we build our business

About us

At Royal Org, we believe the people make a difference. Like clay in a potter’s hand, we continuously mould each individual by giving them room to make mistakes, opportunities to be exposed to, and grow as a family. We strongly believe in guiding, leading and walking together as a team to achieve success.

Meet the pillars

Our Core Values

Always be sincere

Always be learning

Always be humble

What we do

Royal Org is one of the newest and fastest growing outsourced sales and marketing firm that specialises in face to face marketing and revenue generation for our clients. Our committed team enhance different clients’ branding and reputation by sharing with thousands of people every day about their vision and their products.

Our committed team players will display an excellent value of customer service with great knowledge to ensure the increase of the public’s awareness of the clients’ branding. We increase the sales revenue for many different campaigns ranging from NGOs, lifestyle, energy and FMCG industries. Our clients love working with us because we are passionate about what we do, and we love connecting with people.




FMCG industries

Who we want

We seek to find individuals who are motivated and full of energy. They generally enjoy being in a team environment and always keep an open heart to learn. As long as you are an individual who one day, dreams of being an entrepreneur and strives to be solution-driven, you are the one we are looking for! 

We do not settle for mediocre standards because as a team we consistently aim to be the best version of ourselves and are determine to break records. If you are on a lookout for a winning team and are prepared to perform to your best, we welcome you with open arms.


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